Dameyon Massey’s Leaked Text Messages: A Pastor’s Apology Amid Twitter Controversy

By | September 3, 2023

Dameyon Massey, a prominent pastor hailing from North Carolina and serving as the senior pastor at the Divine Glory Kingdom Temple International Ministries, has found himself embroiled in a significant controversy following the widespread circulation of screenshots depicting inappropriate text messages.

The controversy centers around text messages exchanged between Dameyon Massey and Bryant Johnson II, a former member of The Remnant Church Outreach Ministries. Johnson alleged that Massey is in a marriage with Roderick Jones, though official marriage records were not found by The North Carolina Beat. Initially denying the allegations, Massey later made a tearful confession in a Facebook video.

Dameyon Massey’s Leaked Texts

Screenshots of intimate text exchanges between Dameyon Massey and Bryant Johnson II rapidly circulated across various social media platforms, causing a stir. These messages revealed discussions about engaging in sexual activities, alongside financial transactions between the two individuals. Johnson had transferred $2,829.16 to Massey via CashApp, while Massey reciprocated with a payment of $107. Initially, Massey disputed the allegations, claiming that the viral screenshots were fabricated by Johnson. However, he would later concede to his actions.

Twitter’s Reaction

The initial denial by Massey did not sit well with many on Twitter, who viewed his subsequent admission of guilt as a response to being exposed rather than an act of sincere remorse. The revelation of Massey’s behavior sparked disappointment and criticism from fans, particularly given his prominent position as a pastor. Twitter was abuzz with comments from users who felt that Massey’s actions contradicted his spiritual role, with viewers expressing their discontent during a Larry Reid Live video.

Pastor Dameyon Addresses the Scandal

Subsequently, Dameyon Massey confronted the scandal through a video message where he took full accountability for his actions. In the video, Massey openly acknowledged his mistakes and the challenges he had faced in the wake of the controversy. He expressed that his struggle was not a recent development and confessed his desire to shed his title, though it remains unclear if he intends to resign from his pastoral position. Massey’s apology, however, garnered criticism from those who believed he was solely apologizing due to being exposed.

Dameyon Massey’s Emotional Facebook Confession

In a tearful Facebook video, Massey offered an apology to his congregation, expressing deep remorse for his actions. He candidly admitted to making a grave mistake and pledged never to repeat it. Throughout the video, Massey repeatedly took responsibility for his actions, characterizing them as a moral failure. He emphasized his dissatisfaction with his behavior, asserting that it did not align with his true character. Massey’s emotional apology extended to everyone he had disappointed.

A Reminder of Imperfection

The Dameyon Massey scandal serves as a poignant reminder that nobody is without flaws. While Massey’s actions were unquestionably unacceptable, his willingness to acknowledge his errors is a step towards reconciliation. The controversy surrounding him emphasizes the importance of humility and accountability, reminding us all of our own imperfections and the need for empathy and understanding during such challenging times.

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