Exploring the Delicious Waffle House Full Menu

By | October 7, 2023
waffle house full menu

If you’re a fan of hearty, American-style breakfasts, you’ve probably heard of Waffle House. This iconic chain of diners has been serving up delicious meals for over six decades. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the Waffle House full menu, exploring the mouthwatering options that make it a beloved dining destination.

The Waffle House Legacy

Before we dive into the menu, let’s briefly touch on the rich history of Waffle House. Founded in 1955 by Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers Sr., Waffle House has become a staple in the Southern United States. With its distinct yellow signage and cozy atmosphere, it’s more than just a place to eat—it’s an experience.

Waffle House Locations

With over 2,000 locations across 25 states, finding a Waffle House near you is easier than ever. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, you’ll always receive a warm welcome and a comforting meal.

The Breakfast Extravaganza

Waffle House is renowned for its breakfast offerings, and it’s no surprise that the majority of their menu items are morning delights. Let’s explore some of the must-try options:

1. Classic Waffles

The star of the show is, of course, the waffles. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and served with a generous helping of butter and syrup, these waffles are pure perfection.

2. Scattered, Smothered, and Covered Hash Browns

A Waffle House classic, these hash browns are served in various ways. “Scattered” means they’re spread out on the grill until they’re crispy. “Smothered” adds onions, while “covered” includes melted cheese.

3. All-Star Special

For the hungry diner, the All-Star Special is a go-to choice. It includes eggs cooked to your preference, bacon or sausage, hash browns, and toast or biscuit.

4. Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt

If you’re craving something hearty and indulgent, this sandwich is for you. Packed with bacon, cheese, and steak, it’s a flavor explosion in every bite.

Beyond Breakfast

While breakfast is their forte, Waffle House also offers a variety of lunch and dinner options.

5. Patty Melt

This classic sandwich features a juicy beef patty, grilled onions, and melted cheese on buttered toast.

6. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

For a lighter option, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a delicious choice. It comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

7. T-Bone Steak

If you’re in the mood for a steak dinner, Waffle House has you covered. Their T-Bone Steak is cooked to perfection and served with your choice of sides.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Waffle House isn’t just about savory dishes. They also offer some delightful desserts.

8. Pecan Pie

A Southern classic, the pecan pie at Waffle House is sweet, nutty, and absolutely irresistible.

9. Chocolate Chip Waffle

For those with a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Chip Waffle is a heavenly combination of fluffy waffle batter and gooey chocolate chips.

The Waffle House Experience

Beyond the menu items, what sets Waffle House apart is its unique dining experience.

10. Open 24/7

Waffle House never sleeps. Whether you’re craving breakfast at dawn or a late-night snack, you can count on Waffle House to be open.

11. Counter Seating

Many Waffle House locations have counter seating, allowing you to watch the cooks in action as they prepare your meal.


In conclusion, Waffle House is more than just a place to eat; it’s a cultural institution known for its delicious food and unique dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of their classic waffles, hearty sandwiches, or sweet desserts, there’s something for everyone on the Waffle House menu.


1. Is Waffle House only known for waffles?

No, while waffles are a highlight, Waffle House offers a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

2. Are Waffle House locations open 24/7?

Yes, most Waffle House locations are open 24/7, ensuring you can satisfy your cravings anytime.

3. Do all Waffle House locations have counter seating?

Not all, but many Waffle House locations offer counter seating, which allows you to see the cooking process up close.

4. Are there any healthy options on the Waffle House menu?

Yes, Waffle House offers a variety of healthier choices, including omelets with veggies and grilled chicken sandwiches.

5. Can I customize my order at Waffle House?

Absolutely! Waffle House is known for its flexibility in customizing orders to your preferences.

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